v5.1 The bitmap graphics from the US Macintosh release of Lancelot now display correctly.
v5.0 V1 games are also now supported.
The input logic now correctly handles commas and full stops in the user's input for v3 or later games.
The input logic now allows hyphens and apostrophes to be input, which is needed for some v2 games.
The dictionary listing for v2 games no longer has junk on the end.
The graphics detection algorithm has been improved, so that it now correctly finds graphics in all known games.
A difference in the logic between the v2 and v3 line-drawn graphics has been implemented, which corrects the scaling for some v2 graphics.
Added #seed and #play meta commands.
v4.1 Corrected a bug that made Lancelot unplayable.
BBC B bitmaps are now shown as they appeared on the original computer.
v4.0 Implemented support for bitmap graphics.
v3.0 Implemented support for line-drawn graphics.
Fixed a problem with v4 detection that stopped some versions of Scapeghost running correctly.
Implemented an opcode used by the disk based versions of Time and Magick, which now means that saving from these games works.
The interpreter now gives you a reasonable amount of time to enter the Lenslok code in protected games, and also tells you what the code should be.
v2.0 Revised the description of v4 games to include all the post-1987 games, which are now supported.
v2 games are also now supported.
Added meta commands.
v1.0 First release.