Supported Formats

On several machines (such as the Amiga) Level 9 games were distributed as an interpreter plus a data file, usually called "gamedata.dat" or something similar. These games can be played with this interpreter simply by loading the "gamedata.dat" file.

For the Amiga (and some other formats) the v4 games were released in three parts, each in a separate data file:


Starting the first game gives a menu from which you can choose which part or game to play. For this to work the files must have the same basic structure with a number in it somewhere, e.g. file names


will work.

On other (especially older and smaller) computers the games were distributed as a single file containing both an interpreter and the game data. Level9 can cope with these files as well, as it automatically searches files for valid Level 9 games. This however requires that the file not be compressed in any way. For example, there are several Spectrum snapshots of Level 9 games available which this interpreter can play, but these snapshots must be in an uncompressed format (e.g. SNA). Commonly snapshots are available in the compressed Z80 format, but these files can be converted to SNA using the widely available conversion program SPConv, version 1.06 or higher.

Paul David Doherty has written L9Cut, which can extract Level 9 games from many different formats. L9Cut can also remove copy protection from Level 9 games. L9Cut can be downloaded from

This program has been tested on files obtained from releases for the Amiga, Atari ST, IBM PC, C-64, Spectrum, Atari 800, BBC, Amstrad CPC, Apple 2, Apple Mac and MSX computers.