Meta Commands and Menus

Level9 supports several meta commands, which can be entered on the input line. These commands are handled by the interpreter rather than being passed to the game. They are:

#save Saves out a game position directly, bypassing any prompting (such as for disk changes).
#restore Loads in a saved position directly, bypassing any protection code within the game.
#quit Quits the current game.
#cheat Tries to bypass the copy protection code which asks for a specific word. This is done by trying every word in the game's dictionary. On a slow machine, this can take a long time.
#dictionary Lists the game dictionary. Press a key to stop the listing and return to the input line.
#picture If graphics are available, shows the picture specified as a number after the picture command, e.g. "#picture 520".
#seed Sets the seed of the random number generator to the value given, e.g. "#seed 42". This will make randomness within the game predictable, which is useful for testing.
#play Prompts the user for a text file from which to read further input from. Input lines are read from the file until the end is reached, at which point the game reverts to asking the user for input.

The following menus are also available:

Load Level 9 Game File...
Starts playing the specified Level 9 game

Restore Saved Position...
Restores a previously saved position, the same as entering #restore.

Save Current Position...
Saves your current game position, the same as entering save.

Game Dictionary
Lists the game dictionary, the same as entering #dictionary.

Select Font...
Selects the font used in the game.